A creative approach to problem solving

Boosting efficiencies, cutting costs and ensuring quality


Tools and processes

At Telesoft Consulting, IT outsourcing goes hand-in-hand with our Management Foundation governance model. This model includes three major frameworks, including one that focuses on quality assurance and client satisfaction, which we call the Client Partnership Management Framework (CPMF). The CPMF covers every aspect of our engagements, including service offerings, contract negotiations and service delivery, and makes use of the best IT tools and processes available.

Built on Telesoft Consulting's collective expertise and experience, the framework reflects the industry's best standards and practices and is built to support our full range of services and implementation strategies.

One aspect of the Telesoft Consulting Management Foundation, a set of values and principles that governs the management of our global activities and seeks to ensure quality and excellence in all our partner relationships. By implementing the Foundation, Telesoft Consulting offices have obtained ISO 9001 certification.

Outsourcing tools and processes

Telesoft Consulting's outsourcing processes are based on the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge as well as industry best practices. Our tools and processes also includes proven methodologies required to manage and support IT outsourcing services engagements, independant of their scope, including the following:

  • Develop: developed by Telesoft Consulting specifically for the development and integration of complex applications
    Approach: an approach used to maintain and upgrade legacy applications
    Rapid: a rapid and agile development methodology

Another important feature of the tools and processes is the range of integrated outsourcing tools that utilize the latest technologies and enable our IT professionals to complete projects quickly and efficiently. These include the following:

  • Toolkit: an Application Maintenance Toolkit that supports the Peritus® methodology
    document: a unique pan-Telesoft Consulting document management and collaboration platform that facilitates knowledge sharing and distribution
    Management: a service management solution used to manage incidents, problems, configurations, changes and versions
    resource: a resource used to manage timesheets, expenditures, employees, contracts and invoicing
Measuring client satisfaction with IT managed services

Telesoft Consulting's tools and processes is an effective operating model for IT outsourcing services that deliver the following benefits:

  • Accelerated delivery through enhanced productivity
    High end-user and client satisfaction levels through quality gains
    Cost savings through efficiency gains
    Continual improvement throughout the application management lifecycle
    Multi-disciplinary teams of professionals with the expertise, tools and supervision to ensure client success
    Fast response and problem-solving times

In line with our Client Satisfaction Assessment Program, our ability to successfully deliver these benefits undergoes constant evaluation.

Every client attends a meeting with its Telesoft Consulting account manager to ascertain its overall level of satisfaction with the services provided, identify any points requiring improvement and address any concerns promptly.

In fiscal 2012, we obtained an average rating of 9.0 out of 10 based on signed client assessments, as well as a loyalty index of 9.6, showing that our clients intend to continue using Telesoft Consulting's services and recommend us to others.

Moreover, more than 90% of all projects completed by Telesoft Consulting were delivered within the budgets and deadlines established with clients.